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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blogs That Look Like Mine

If you haven't caught on already, this blog template I'm using is a modified version of one provided by Blogger. I've added the pencil (well chewed), the blockquotes have been completely reworked, and some of the template text (comments and permalink) have been changed. But, for the most part, The Chewed Pencil's design looks like lots of other blogs out there. My favorite "clone design" blogs so far:

From the land of podcasting, Harold J. Johnson's Johnson, better known to me "that guy behind VoyagerRadio on Live365" now has podcasts of independent artists available though his RSS feed. Read his post, The Future of Audio, Now for a primer on listening.

From the land of teaching, Mr. M's A First-Year Teacher's Online Journal. Mr. M writes philosophizes about teaching and society, comments on his students, and lets you in on his personal life. Notably, he does not title any of his blog posts. Check back every few weeks (I do) and see if he's written anything new. I see a lot of resemblance between my high school history teacher, an intern by the name of Mr. Pino, and Mr. M from Brooklyn.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ham Burger

This Wednesday in English class, we were presented with a template to write a poem about ourselves, by "sandwiching" information about ourselves in between our first and last names. Needless to say, this isn't about me. Meet Ham Burger.

greasy, juicy, quarter-pounder
father of cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburger
lover of fries and cokes and milkshakes
who feels old and tired compared to chicken strips
who needs lettuce, tomato, and onion but only gets a bun, condiments, and a pickle
who gives a full feeling, a familiar menu option, an escape
who fears the tofu burger, mad cow disease, and McDonald's
who would like to see teenagers crowded into downtown diners, jukeboxes, and no fast food chains
who lives with malted milkshake in a rented apartment

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Truth About Bobcats

For entertainment purposes only.

Do you want to know the truth about bobcats? For 10 years, the Secretary of the Interior has been suppressing information from you about bobcats and thus endangering the welfare of Occultists.

In July 2004, George W. Bush met with Janet Jackson in Evansville, Indiana to discuss abortion. As it happens, they engaged in smoking Cuban cigars and ended up hatching a plan involving the anarchists in England.

As a result, all details of the meeting were suppressed, as was information about dealings with Burger King and their ties to counterfeiting.

A report in The New York Times was mysteriously pulled from newsstands in December of last year. The article implicated high-ranking officials in American Civil Liberties Union, various dentists, and, perhaps not surprisingly, Dan Rather. According to the report, passages in the book "Harry Potter" and lyrics in Garth Brooks 's music point to a connection between these individuals and bobcats.

According to a spokesman at The New York Times, the issue was pulled because of printing errors. However, individuals who saw the original copies say that there were no printing irregularities and that the re-issue differed from the original only in the absence of this article.

The lies and deception must be stopped. Don't let the government hide the facts about bobcats any longer. Learn the truth!

Peer to Peer Internet Radio

Doing a little DJing with a Streamer P2P radio station just now. I've been trying to get p2p radio software working for weeks and this seems to be the easiest software to use. Streamer auctually includes some documentation in various stages of completion. It accomodates external players and also has an internal player, it is prossible to get it working on linux, you can use it from behind a firewall, and people can connect to the stream easily. Give it a try!

ShadowNet Radio: