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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A New Breed of Smartass

A new breed of smartass
- English 3 AP classmate

Boredom, talent, and "a new breed of smartass" come together to create a useless presentation on the Iceberg Analogy. My English teacher keeps using it, so I finally snapped, went totally mad, and made a presentation about it. It's not perfect -- nothing created at 1:30 AM while suffering from lack of sleep ever is -- but there is a slim chance of extra credit.

Yay for useless presentations.

The benefits of the <PRE> HTML tag

(will you teach a
wretch to live
straighter than a needle)

(ask and
and ask
again and) ask a
brittle little
person fiddling


Lookey, using the <PRE> tag, I can display preformatted texts, notably e.e.cummings poetry. That should be a big help to my friend the alpha noodle over at Carpe Verbum, who's trying to display homage to edward.

Preformatted text is ours!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Watch that wall, John

Watch that wall, John. Someone put a building there while you weren't looking.
- Construction Worker at Santa Fe High School

I overheard this great quote on my way to the library, passing by the large renovation project that is turning the old library into the new administration building. John was smoothing some concrete with a board on a very long pole.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Chewed Pencil Goes Podcasting!

Not a long, boring, rambling podcasting session, mind you. Just a little snippet of info for you to insert between other podcasts or take a minute of your day for.

XML url (paste into your ipodder of choice)