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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Microsoft Weirdness

And you though Burger King's Subservient Chicken was odd ...

Now Microsoft's (D)Evolving into Dinosaurs:

Monday, April 04, 2005

New Computer Dead On Arrival

When a new system is purchased and the shipping carton is opened and the system or monitor has obvious damage, fails to power up, or fails diagnostics, the product is considered "dead-on-arrival" or "DOA". — IBM Support

The Ibuypower computer I ordered arrived in DOA condition.

The monior has sustained some serious shipping and possibly preshipping damage. Not only are the electron guns misaligned, it won't display a video signal, it will only show me the OSD.

The computer wouldn't detect the hard disk at first, probably because the molex power connector had somehow fallen out. Plus, the drive bay covers had been pushed inside. Once I got that sorted out, I tried playing a 3d game, but all I got was a bluescreen. A little diagnostic with speedfan revealed that my CPU is drastically overheating. The temp rises about 30° when playing games until my sys reboots.

So, to sum it up: DOA monitor, shoddy work with the thermal tape, packages destroyed by UPS (properly pronounced OOPS). Clearly some RMAs will be in order.

I think the majority of the blame lies with UPS, which has damaged my computer systems in the past, but a search for Ibuypower DOA seems to indicate a pattern ...