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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Website by Publisher

This website has been created as part of a project for Mr. Hensley's AP Language and Composition class.
- Catch 22: A Novel Website by Martin Burch

I used Microsoft Publisher's website creator function to create this snazzy site. If it wasn't fixed width, I could wholehartedly recommend using Publisher again in the future.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

TCP Podcast 050507 Show Notes

As promised in the podcast:

Canyon.mid Arrangement:

Remix Reading:

More Professional Podcasting

"Uh, um, er, well, so like, you know, I mean, uh, yeah"

- words spouted by podcasters everywhere

But not by me, because I've taken a bit of time to write up a script for my next podcast. Plus my friend Curbie has developed some theme music, and I have my own "Boing!" sound effect (think Daily Source Code) ... it's the great sound of a pencil scratching thoughts on a piece of paper. It's starting to sound sort-of professional! Now if my cat would stop playing with the mic cord ...

Copying the link in the right column (audio feed or podcast button) to ipodder will add The Chewed Pencil Podcast feed.